Foreign Tax Credit Services

foreign tax credits

Atlantax Group LLC is an international tax accounting firm that works hard to help our clients claim foreign tax credits on taxes paid to foreign companies. Our tax professionals are very knowledgeable about the regulations on foreign tax credits and will legally minimize your taxes owed.

The U.S. places limitations on using foreign tax credits, often making it difficult for corporations to claim them. This can result in an increase in the effective tax rate these corporations have to pay. With Atlantax Group LLC on your side, we'll make sure you claim as many foreign tax credits as allowed by law. We speak fluent English and French and assist clients in the United States and Europe.

Foreign tax credit planning for businesses includes:

  • Avoiding double taxation issues
  • Explaining the pros and cons of claiming foreign tax credits
  • Showing businesses how to claim foreign tax credits each year
  • Determining exclusions and maximum allowable tax credits by country
  • Carryback or carry forward of foreign tax credits

We provide international tax services aimed at helping you improve your foreign tax credit limitation. Call us today at 212-601-2670 or request a consultation now.